Emergency & Support Services

Two-way Radio System Design, Rental & Implementation

Need radios for your event? Radio communication is one of the most important tools used operationally yet few organizations have the necessary knowledge and experience to plan for, or best utilize, the available communications resources. This basic service is a complete outsourcing of all your communications needs, from plan design to implementation. This service will account for the unique ways your organization communicates, the required technical communication system to achieve that level of communication, and considers how radio system design must function when heavily depended on during extremely busy operational periods.

MARS Communication Branch will assess your needs, design your communications system, and implement it for your organization. This includes rental from the MARS radio fleet, or from one of our company partners. We pick up and return the equipment, and provide equipment accountability management. This service frees your staff to perform more critical duties.

Intelligently designed, and with on-site support, this service delegates the entire process to free yourself and your team to focus on more important priorities.

Emergency and Event Dispatch Services

We currently offer several dispatch services: dispatching and communications monitors.


While certain larger events require MARS to utilize a dispatcher to insure safety for the MARS team, your staff, and your event participants, it's an available option to increase your event's other resource accountability with the venue, security, staff, or other important resource needs during event operational periods.


Certain events may require a communications monitor to insure communications continuity within work groups on-site and/or allied organizations. These monitors can be utilized to monitor radio traffic that insures an up-to-the-minute report of status, especially useful for larger events with significant communications infrastructure, or for events which want to increase their organizational efficiency.

Remote Services

If you need to stay connected in a remote area, we have several options to keep you plugged in.

Satellite Telephones & Satellite Data Systems

Both can insure that you can keep in touch with the outside world when you are operating in remote locations.

Satellite Telephones

Offering both portable and desktop systems for use in remote areas. With prices as low as $1.50 per minute and rental fees becoming very inexpensive, its now becoming a viable option for smaller events that couldn't afford this type of service in the past.

Satellite Data Systems

If your operational location is outdoors or remote and you need to run an office with phones, faxes, credit card readers, or modems, MARS on-site remote telephony service is right for you! Technology has merged all the advantages of a hard-line phone system, with the freedom of wireless. It is truly plug and play with no special adapters to plug in standard phone equipment. One popular application of this service is at entrance gates where a credit card reader is required, but is far from any available phone lines.

Set-up for any Remote Service will be provided by the MARS Communication Branch.