Risk Management, Training & Consulting


MARS also offers a variety of Consulting, Training, and Risk Management services for special and corporate events, volunteer organizations, and non-profits. Consulting services include government and public relations, crisis communication, and liaison services to local public safety agencies, including Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS.

Risk Management

MARS works in conjunction with insurance companies to do risk assessments for temporary mass gatherings, events, festivals and their support infrastructure. We provide both you and your insurance company a report on the notable and positive mitigation strategies and procedures in effect with the goal of lowering your insurance premium as well as your risk for law suits. Contact us http://www.mars911.info/contact.php to review your organizational needs as we tailor each assessment to your unique circumstances.


MARS has developed a proprietary staff and security training tool that allows non-medical personal a quick and easy reference tool. It's currently integrated into a National Institute of Health funded project to training and measure improvements for venue staff. For more details on if this tool is right for your organization contact us http://www.mars911.info/contact.php and we'll review it with you. Other examples of trainings offered by MARS or by one of MARS allied partners includes First Aid, CPR, First Responder, Guard Card, Incident Command System, and Basic Fire Safety.