Emergency & Support Services

Photo by Damon LaRose

Fire Services

MARS can provide a wide range of fire/rescue services, such as special event fire safety, movie production support, special effects stand-bys, safety inspections, pyrotechnic safety, full fire protection standby/response, and confined space rescue standbys. Years of Burning Man experience has made MARS staff experts in dealing with fire performers, fire sculpture, and other unconventional artistic fire.

Type-7 Engine with Class-A foam, 100' hardline and 50' 1.5" pre-connect

4x4 Mini Fire Engine

Did you know that 90% of fires are extinguished with less than 100 gallons of water? These engines carry 80 gallon tanks with Class-A foam which multiplies the effectiveness of the water by a factor of four. Like our EMS 4x4 small rescue unit it is also based on the Kawasaki Mule platform and these resources can go where few fire engines can as they is nimble in crowds, tight quarters, or off-road camping areas, making it a great tool for hitting incipient fires before they grow out of control. Having this resource on-site allows for a quick response to a fire and improves the overall safety of your event, especially in remote locations where the fire department response would be delayed. Additionally, this engine doubles as an EMS first responder resources and is capable of extricating a patient to an ambulance at the edge of the event site by way of a side-saddle backboard mounting system.