Emergency Medical Services

MARS specializes in supporting raves, concerts, night clubs, corporate events, street fairs, special events, and temporary mass gatherings. Whether it’s a private event for 100, or 100,000 people dancing in the streets, MARS scales our operations to meet your specifications.

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Risk Consultation & Trainings

MARS offers a variety of consultation, training, and emergency and risk management services to aid festival events, corporate clients, and nonprofit organizations. Each and every gathering is unique—and we’ll tailor an assessment  just for you.

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The Emergency Survival Manual: 294 Live-Saving Skills

Joseph Pred has created a guide for everyday people in cities and urban environments who want to be better prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Assess. Respond. Protect. From break-ins to basement flooding to broken bones, in the Emergency Survival Manual you’ll find everything you need to be prepared for any emergency that comes your way.

Who’s better suited to write a book about handling emergencies than an Emergency and Risk Management Consultant and the CEO of Mutual Aid Response Services (MARS).

Joseph Pred is the go-to-guy for assessing and handling emergencies. When you combine his knowledge with that of the experts at Outdoor Life magazine what do you get? An epic book filled with lifesaving skills. This book also covers what to do before the first responders arrive…or if they never do.