The Essential Pandemic Survival Guide

The Essential Pandemic Survival Guide

Co-written with New York Times best-selling author Tim MacWelch, the Essential Pandemic Survival Guide provides proven expert advice and over 150 practical tips that will help safeguard you, your family and home during a pandemic. Be prepared with easy to assemble toolkits, plans and do-it-yourself techniques you will need to thrive during a pandemic.

Available in paperback on Amazon.

The Emergency Survival Manual

The Emergency Survival Manual

The time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. The Emergency Survival Manual offers simple yet essential skills to assess and start handling a wide variety of emergencies. Learn how to make your home safer and how to keep you, your family and community ready with plans and easy to implement disaster preparedness skills.

Available for Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

Joseph Pred

Joseph PredJoseph Pred is an emergency and risk manager who has specialized in public safety for events and temporary mass gatherings since 1993. With an academic background in management, he’s been a licensed EMS provider since 1994 and holds a host of certifications including from FEMA, OSHA, POST, and Rapport Leadership International. He has additional training and experience in crisis intervention, mental health, harm reduction, law enforcement, dispatching, communications technology, and fire fighting.

Since 2000, Joseph has owned and operated Mutual Aid Response Services (MARS) and Mutual Aid Risk & Safety, the risk management branch of MARS.

In addition to his experience with MARS, Joseph founded the Emergency Services Department at Burning Man in 1998, working for 18 years in this unique environment until his retirement in November 2013. In that time, he served as the Chief of Department and Risk Manager for the temporary city’s 911 emergency response system, including fire fighting, emergency medical services (EMS), communications, emergency dispatch, government relations, safety, and disaster contingency planning.

Joseph has also served two terms on the San Francisco Entertainment Commission as Public Health Commissioner (2003 – 2004) and as a subject matter expert on an 8 year long Federally funded research project developing harm reduction strategies and training for the entertainment industry. He also has served as the executive advisor for the harm reduction non-profit the PLUR Angels since 2016.

Author, Public Speaker

Joseph is also the author of three books, ‘The Essential Pandemic Survival Guide,’ ‘The Emergency Survival Manual’ and ‘Show Me How To Survive,’ as well as a contributing author to the ‘Festival Throwers Bible’. He has also written numerous articles and is available for public speaking engagements as well as media appearances regarding emergency and risk management, temporary mass gatherings, and his experiences working with festivals such as Burning Man or other unique risks.

Contact Joseph to arrange an appearance.

Past Speaking Engagements


  • Flycon
    Panelist: “Getting Prepared: Creating Safe, Secure Event Spaces”


  • FestForums
    Lecturer: “Handling Mass Tragedies at Festivals”
  • Canadian Music Week
    Panelist: “Music-Lovers in a Dangerous Time: The Security Session”
  • South By Southwest (SXSW)
    Panelist: “How Do We Stop Drug Deaths at Music Festivals?”


  • Fest Forums
    Panelist: “You Can’t Fight City Hall: Festival Permitting”
  • Canadian Music Week
    Panelist: “Crisis Management: Making your festival a Safe Space”


  • International Music Festival Conference
    Panelist: “Safety, Security and Staffing”


  • Event Safety Summit
    Speaker: “Crowd Management Practices & Principles for Large Scale Events”
  • Malaysia Major Events Symposium
    Keynote speaker: “Perspectives on Event Safety Best Practices”
  • American Water Works Association, California/Nevada Chapter Annual Conference
    Speaker: “Black Rock City Emergency Management, Severe Weather Action Plans”
  • Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management Annual Workshop
    Keynote Speaker: “Black Rock City Emergency Management”
  • Burning Man Global Leadership Conference
    Panelist: “Introduction to Risk Management”
    Panelist: “Permits & Agency Relations”
  • Resilient & Sustainable Cities Symposium
    Panelist: “Regional Disaster Planning”
  • UCLA School of Nursing
    Guest lecturer: “Emergencies, Disasters, and Terrorism”
  • Boston University Healthcare Emergency Management Program
    Guest Lecturer: “Disasters, Leadership, and Temporary Mass Gatherings”
  • Google
    Speaker: “Burning Man – Emergency Management”


  • California Emergency Services Association Annual Conference
    Keynote Speaker: “Burning Man – Emergency Management in Action”
  • Burning Man Global Leadership Conference
    Panelist: “Liability and Risk Mitigation”


  • Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley Disaster Management Initiative
    Keynote speaker: “On logistical and technical challenges and solutions involved with temporary communications infrastructure at Burning Man”