Emergency Management Services

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Emergency Medical Services

When you need medical staff on foot, bike, mobile, or staffing an aid station, MARS can provide an array of service options to meet the unique requirements of your event. MARS specializes in raves, concerts, night clubs, corporate events, street fairs, special events, and temporary mass gatherings. Regardless if your event is only a couple of hundred guests or 75,000 participants dancing in the streets, MARS can scale its operations to meet your needs.

We specially select our staff based on professional experience, current clinical knowledge, compassion, and the ability to easily communicate with a diverse range of people and communities.

VIP Medical Services

MARS offers the undercover EMS executive protection. Do you have talent with special medical concerns or needs? Are you planning a formal event with an at-risk participant who might need medical attention? Our VIP teams can dress and act the part to fade appropriately into the background until needed. Regardless if our VIP teams are in tuxedos or in low-profile street-wear for discretion, the medical care your VIPs will receive will be the best we have to offer.

Physician Services

MARS can also provide physician level medical care to staff events where there is a high risk for serious injury or illness. This is a very valuable service if there is a specific concern for the well-being of a known at-risk population or specific medical concerns. Additionally our physicians carry additional pharmaceuticals to cover many common diagnoses to provide a day or two of medication until a complete prescription can be filled, providing immediate relief and freeing your participants, staff, or talent from having to go to the ER or leave the event site for a non-emergency or medical problem that might interfere with your production or event.

Advanced Life Support Ambulance

High-risk or very large events (10,000 or more participants) require an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance as part of the on-site emergency resources. When your event needs such resources MARS, as part of its regular services, will handle all the planning, coordination, and details with the ambulance provider, freeing you from dealing with vendor management, billing, and operations. This assures safety for your event and your participants by ensuring that MARS and the on-site ambulance(s) are operationally integrated.

Fire Safety

MARS can provide a range of fire safety services, such as special event fire safety, special effects stand-bys, safety inspections, and pyrotechnic safety. Decades of Burning Man experience made Joseph Pred an expert in dealing with fire departments, fire performers, fire sculpture, and other unconventional artistic fire installations.


Two-way Radio System Design, Rental & Implementation

Need radios for your event? Radio communication is one of the most important tools used operationally yet few organizations have the necessary knowledge and experience to plan for, or best utilize, the available communications resources. This service is a complete outsourcing of all your communications needs, from plan design to implementation. This service will account for the unique ways your organization communicates, the required technical communication system to achieve that level of communication, and considers how radio system design must function when heavily depended on during extremely busy operational periods.

MARS will assess your needs, design your communications system, and implement it for your organization. We pick up and return the rental equipment and provide equipment accountability management to save you money on lost or broken equipment.

Intelligently designed, and with on-site support, this service delegates the entire process to free yourself and your team to focus on more important priorities.

Emergency and Event Dispatch Services


While larger events require MARS to utilize an emergency dispatcher to insure the safety and effectiveness for MARS responders, your staff, and your event participants, MARS can also dispatch provide dispatch services for any of your other resources, such as security, logistics, law enforcement, fire, EMS, or other important resource needs during event operational periods.


Certain events may benefit from a dedicated communications monitor to insure communications continuity within work groups on-site and allied organizations. These monitors can be utilized to monitor multiple radio frequencies that insures an up-to-the-minute report of status, especially useful for larger events with significant communications infrastructure, or for events which want to increase their organizational efficiency. Typically monitoring services are integrated into our dispatching services, but can be provided independently.